PR & Communication

In a world of intense communication there is always a large deficit of something rather simple – telling stories. Some of those can be really powerful, but for one reason or another remain untold.

What we do at IMEDGE is to let the world know who you are and what you stand for. We employ a scalable array of services that can be tailored for entities of any size – from small startups to entire countries.

IMEDGE combines a personal, partnering manner of client interaction with a wide scope of action and thinking.

Our strategic location in the Principality of Monaco gives us access to leading international influencers and a network of high profile establishments in private banking, real estate, advertising, media and technology.


We apply creative means like photography, video production, storytelling, web and product design to capture the driving force behind our clients' businesses and build brands.


Building a visual identity and a name is not always enough. We provide growth consulting and help businesses to find the most innovative paths towards expansion. Our integrated communication service includes advertising and brand liaison that allow our clients to discover new audiences, partners, sponsors and markets.


Our media relations services are designed to improve interaction with audiences by sending the appropriate message in the right moment using the right means.

Content Creation

  • Video production
  • Photography
  • News content generation
  • Copy editing
  • Promotional materials
  • Web & social content

Brand Strategy

  • Brand study
  • Brand story
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand associations & collaborations
  • Sponsorship activity & partnerships

PR & Media Relations

  • Press office setup
  • Interaction strategy
  • Media Planning
  • Campaign amplifications
  • Long-term PR programs
  • Digital media & strategy


Zdravko Dimitrov

Founder & Creative

Dimitar Dimitrov

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Rainer Brunotte

Managing Partner

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